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Sasha has an extensive repertoire, working in many fields, applying her creative energy and 'sight'...

Award winning & prolific production of Artwork in Sculpture, Drawing and Painting and Film Production. She masterminded the concept, design, development and management of a Cultural Institution, CARFAX. CARFAX is a well known and beloved space for creatives to explore their genius while 'harmonising' with different disciplines in the entertainment sector. There are very few of the worlds greatest Artists from all disciplines who have not graced the stages and Galleries of this formidable Institution. CARFAX is South Africa's longest lasting, self funded and sustained Arts Institutions. Sasha is a Gallery Owner, Landlord, Arts educator (from 4yrs old - Masters Students), Informal Art Therapist, Investigative Field worker, Site specific Gentrifier of buildings and areas, Conservationist, Landscape gardener, Construction manager, Interior Designer, Furniture designer, Concept Venue & Restaurant design and builder, Menu creator, Concept Caterer, System designer and implementor, Stock control, POS & back office expert, Product developer, Business developer with sustainable revenue streams, Creator of multi disciplinary events and Festivals for 30X years.


The Creative passion has provided Sasha with the gift of 'eternal energy' with all things tangibly creative.

Private Fine Art Production

​Sasha majored in Sculpture, preferring to work in Steel, Wood, Stone and Cementitious compounds. She is also proficient in Drawing and painting with all mediums. She always has a ‘series’ of work on the go, creating work from all mediums for group and solo exhibition. She also completes private & public commissions in all mediums. Come visit her in the studio or drop a mail to start the conversation.

Creative Construction

Growing up on a building site, Sasha learned the fundamental principles of construction. With her sculptural knowledge and natural feel for space and enhanced possibilities, she began creating bespoke venues and spaces for her personal development projects as well as contract work. 

Sasha applied her specialist knowledge in cementitious construction and finish to all of her projects. Here the implementation of Architectural sculpture as an integral part of the overall design created intrigue and masterful integration of the various design elements.

Social  Sculpture Projects

Sasha worked on numerous specialized social projects with intentions to uplift the victims of circumstance through creative and practical applications. Here the challenges lay in understanding context through intensive field work, observing and defining priorities in need of intervention and implementation of solutions. She worked among the people in the various situations, got a good ‘feel’ from grassroots level in a comprehensive and integrated way. Collaborative design of intervention was key to achieving the ‘buy in’. She developed mentor systems at implementation and maintenance stages, speeding up the gentrification process and giving control to those who put the work in.

Fieldwork, intervention and upliftment in impoverished areas around the country gave Sasha a solid perspective on the ways in which collective, creative consciousness can shed light on dismal situations.


Cultural Institutions and Entertainment venues


She found an old building in Newtown which had the ‘bones’ for a unique and comprehensive creative hub – she called it her little Bauhaus in Jozie. She started by spending her days shoveling debris from years of squatting and abuse of the Industrial building to be the proud co-owner of the infamous CARFAX (venues and workstation). She created a platform for the ARTS where the ‘dragons heartbeat’ can be felt throughout the space spanning 4000M2. She specialized in seeing raw talent and developing these strengths. Almost every major Artist from South Africa either hailed from the Carfax workstation or graced the stages and galleries at some point in their careers. 

Tokyo Star

A destination in the suburbs for the fun and fabulous. Tokyo Star was space where progressive trend setters could showcase their work, snack on gorgeous Asian Contemporary cuisine and knock back tequila in step to white label sounds in a wonderland of custom made and quirky interiors. Tokyo Star was among the top 100 restaurants in the country for most years it was open.