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Alexandra (Sasha) Fabris

She isn't just an Artist.... She brings her visionary and creative spirit to everything she does. She is an accomplished and skilled influencer in all areas of her professional life.


Sasha has had a kaleidoscopic life filled with vibrant and real creative journeys which continue to be re invented and carry the same kind of electric energy. After almost 30X years of working the Art and Entertainment market, where she rose to great heights as an active participant in the ever changing ‘landscape’ in South Africa - a Cultural representation which was always linked to that ever-present socio political ‘shadow’. She experienced Revolution in a heavily sanctioned country and was uniquely positioned to create the various platforms in the Arts.

She left South Africa in July 2021 and moved to Zagreb, Croatia with her sons. Her return to the ‘motherland’ is where her heart always belonged. She has started to build the Creative Hub in Zagreb through hosting Workshops for small groups of ±5 at a time. Here, like minded individuals are forming a highly emotive CREATIVE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. This is the foundations for setting an influential, world class movement in motion here in Croatia, Europe.


It was clear from an early age that Sasha would be an Artist. Life and circumstances kept her in the ‘economic lanes’ for her professional life thus far. With this expert experience of business creation and management, Sasha brings a refined understanding to the commodities and influence around the ‘ECONOMY of ART’. She is experiencing similar levels of somewhat isolated and underdeveloped representation of the Arts here in Croatia. She sees the opportunities to create an economically vibrant, conscious integration of Arts disciplines and a sustainable platform for Artists to thrive.

Vision & Mission

Art, throughout time has documented history. The medium has been the visual representation of culture, belief systems and events. Those in power have used art to establish political ideals in different ways throughout the ages using a sophisticated visual language. In a world of simulated realities and media driven frenzies, ART and her message can quietly take her seat at the helm of an unattended ship where a Collective Creative Consciousness can take root and flourish.


The studio is where the MAGIC takes place. It's the space where a consciousness around world standard ART practices is developed. Sasha dives deep into the hearts of those she works with. She specialises in finding the individual 'love language' of creatives. She is an authentic, 'personal touch' brand. She thinks 'Marlin' in the impact and opportunity domain.

Sasha Fabris Studios aims to Create a platform to operate and develop the Economy of Art, shedding light on all disciplines, mediums, and genres. Plowing the field for authentic consciousness through education as the 'first base'. The space invites anyone and everyone interested in the ARTS.

The soul of the studio lies in creating tangibles from the intangibles. Hosting regular private workshops in the studio, develops deep and meaningful relationships between participants. These relationships in the shared learning environment are the foundations for the future development of the long term vision.

In developing an authentic, personalised and economically strong Arts Institution based in Zagreb, Croatia, logical cross cultural networking and possibilities unfold. Croatia's physical location in Europe provides easy access to 'cross pollination' opportunity with neighbouring countries and their existing Arts establishments. Development of the movement will take an organic route. Extensive research, fieldwork, outreach and understanding will shine a light on the course of direction and growth in the movement.


For now, we visualise the creation of an in-house Agency, build individual Artist portfolios, host public Exhibitions, build relationships with existing Institutions. In doing this we broaden our data bases, enter the corporate markets and set up 'cross pollination' with European individuals and Institutions in the form of Exchange programs. The logical extension is to create Festivals where Cultural Exchange can be demonstrated and celebrated by the broader population as an integral part of the Consciousness Experience.  Each aspect feeds into the other creating strength & unity...

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