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... a Creative Being 

She isn't just an Artist... She brings her visionary and creative spirit to everything she does. 
She is an accomplished and skilled influencer in all areas of her professional life.

Vision & Mission

Art, throughout time has documented history. The medium has been the visual representation of culture, belief systems and events. Those in power have used art to establish political ideals in different ways by using this sophisticated visual language. In a world of simulated realities and media driven frenzies, ART and her message can quietly assume leadership at the helm of an unattended ship where a Collective Creative Consciousness can take root and flourish. 

Sasha and her dynamic team (C3 STUDIOS), growing with every transaction, is poised to bring some dynamic progression to the world of Fine Art and complimentary disciplines. The growth of the collective will take an observant and organic course, remaining sensitive to prevalent culture, environment and all available possibilities.



Abstract Paint

Workshops and Courses

We learn the academic & technical skill sets, producing consistently high quality artworks throughout the structured courses.

It's a journey of learning how to OBSERVE * INTERNALISE * DECIDE * RENDER

Personalised mark making and expression is encouraged and endorsed. 

Deeply profound relationships are forged in the process of intensive learning with the Creative spirit as the guiding light.

Participants are encouraged to start with Foundation Phase 1 and move through the ranks of development. It's a structured journey which is refined by 30X years' experience as a teaching Artist.

We also offer casual sessions in different formats for those who cannot commit to longer courses. 

*    Long courses  *

*    Short Courses    *

*   ‘Drop in’ sessions in the Casual format * Casual 1X month courses    *

*    Individual or group tuition for practicing Artists, School or University Art students    *

*    Once off Special Occasion sessions – ‘Creations with Whiskey and Wine’.   *

Pen and Ink drawing

Sasha always starts with pen and Ink as a medium as it is the best way of entering the ‘portal’ of learning the skill sets required to produce FINE ART. Once these skill sets are established, all mediums become more accessible.


Foundation Phase 1 ( 3X Months )

(1X 2,5hour session / week for the month @ Euro 70/ month)


Here we cover academic drawing skills. We learn how to develop confidence in the Pen and liquid mediums. Because we cannot ‘rub out’, the medium supports an escalation of skill sets which can and will be applied to all mediums.

How to approach all subject matter – OBSERVE*INTERNALISE*DECIDE*RENDER; Expressive mark making; drawing techniques; measuring skills; active proportion configurations; creating volume and form through tonal value; deciding on focus; critical analysis through the Still life & Landscape genre’s.

We learn the 'Magic of liquid Ink'. There is so much vitality in the medium. We test the boundaries, learn how to use layers and build dimension with translucent luminosity.

We learn to critically analyse artworks. These are vital skills which again develop the senses we need as visual 'beings'.


Casual Sessions (1x month)​

(1X 2,5hour session / week for the month @ Euro 70/ month)

Drop in sessions @ Euro 20/ session


In this month, skills are developed through the exposure to different mediums. The course is more casual and fun – a good way to see whether you have the inclination to take your learning more seriously.


Foundation Phase 2 ( 3X Months )

(1X 2,5hour session / week for the month @ Euro 70/ month)


Bringing the learned skill sets in from Foundation Phase 1, students advance their understanding of medium, physiology and analysis of subject matter in a much more focused and intense way. We continue to explore the ‘Magic of Ink’ working with different ways of capturing the essence of our subject matter. There is much more focus on measuring skills and skeletal structures which dictate how the body is ‘bolted together’, how it moves, how bones, muscles, flesh and articulations change the shape and forms we observe. Creating a ‘likeness’ demands a more observant and scientific approach to understanding how shapes and features shift and change under the various gravitational forces, perspectives, articulations, surrounding objects / textures and lighting. In this Course, we cover Figure Study and Portraiture genre’s. The course is intense and fascinating. Many levels of understanding develop here as fundamental criteria for the beginning of a more Discursive application to the conceptualization of more relevant commentary in future Artworks.



Individual or group tuition classes for Practicing Artists, School or University Art students.​

(1X 2,5hour session / week for the month @ Euro 70/ month for a group)

(1X 3hour session per individual session @ Euro 40/ session)


Here Sasha will work with the Artist’s current work and course curriculum from the relevant Institution to endorse and elevate the understanding and end products for their existing work / courses.

Smoking lady.jpg

Body Mapping ( 3X Months )

(1X 2,5hour session / week for the month @ Euro 70/ month)


Once Foundation Phase 2 is complete, students who have completed the Pen and Ink course work, can start with either ‘BODY MAPPING’ or new Courses in Charcoal, Acrylic paint, Oil paint or mixed media.

In this course we bring our learned skills from Foundation 1&2 into a domain of personal expression and content. Deep introspection and application of these dimensions determine the development of personal visual language. 

Each student goes on a journey of discovery looking for and finding definition to abstract thought, responses to their worlds and ways to express this in a more relevant way – entry into the discourse of documenting content. 

New mediums are introduced to be more conscious and expressive of content. These mediums will be introduced in accordance with how the group has developed.

​CREATIONS WITH WHISKEY & WINE (Casual 1X group sessions to order)​

(1X 3hour session for a group of minimum 5 @ Euro 35/person)


These groups are either a group of friends looking for an interesting way to use their ‘down time’ or to create an interesting event for a special occasion. 

Painting, Inking or drawing with good vibes, music, whiskey and wine! We either do 1X large communal piece or individual pieces. This will be the decision of the organizer.


Artists in the fold 

Please watch this space... Individual portfolios of all those committed to Workshop courses, teaching staff and exchange program participants will be developed and show cased here.



Draškoviceva Ulica 11, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia


+385 91 9709 058

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